Deborah Blake Contest

Well, this isn’t what I was planning on writing for my first post, but I’m participating in a contest by Deborah Blake and Bitten by Books for an Amazon gift card. I really hope I win, because we have an extremely limited income in our household right now, and my Paganism is taking an abrupt turn. So I’d love to be able to get some books to help me with the new path that it’s taking. But I’ll also be really happy if someone else wins, too. Here’s the imbed code for it:

<div id=”pgt98370414228pgt” class=”pgtContainpgt”><a href=”//″ rel=”nofollow” target=”_BLANK2″>Entry</a><script type=”text/javascript” src=”//″></script><a href=”//″ rel=”nofollow” target=”_BLANK2″>-Form</a></div>


And here is the link for Deborah’s awesome blog, Writing he Witchy Way:

And for the equally awesome Bitten By Books website:


The latter seems to have lots of contests and to promote some great authors, so try checking them out!


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