My sunshine. My exercise buddy. My, “I’m going outside today (which is good for me) even if it’s raining, even if it’s snowing, even if it’s forty degrees out and feels twenty, even if the perpetual gale force winds in South Eastern New Jersey have just kicked into high gear”, my bruised legs from a tail that wags SO hard, my million kisses a day, my reason to laugh and smile, one of my biggest reasons for getting up every day. My phone alarms going off for something other than just times to take more pills. My assistant in creating structure. My, “life is so awesome!” — even when I’m tired, or in pain, or depressed. My instant mood booster. My goofball. My cuteness.

The bald spots on her poor nose and muzzle are from when she tried to get her old gentle leader harness off by plowing her nose against the ground through an area full of shrubs and twigs.


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