About My Cross-Posting

I have a LOT of blogs. Five current public ones, two old, unrelated blogs that are defunct for now, and a handful that are private and mostly used for storage of my writing and personal thoughts. I also have chronic illnesses, several pets, and two partners. We often have house guests. I also have other family and a few friends to stay in touch with. Our house is old and it needs lots of work. We have two and a third acres of property to try to stay on top of and we take care of a local feral cat colony that lives on and near our property. So, as an amalgam of all those things, I don’t always have a lot of time or energy. As a result, I’ll cross-post a lot of information, pages, and sometimes blog posts.

The pages especially will be identical from blog to blog. Sometimes they’re exact replicas and other times they’ll contain mostly the same information as the corresponding pages do on my other blogs. The main exception are the “My Other Blogs” pages, which will link to the four others of my current blogs besides whichever one you’re on. One of my blogs will not contain links to the others because I have a particular relative who reads that one. Not only would she likely not want to read some of the things I post on my other blogs, but there are also things I’ll write on them that I’m not sure I want her to read. So it’s just easier that way. But in case anyone else wants to read it, I have included it in the links section on my remaining four blogs.

If you follow all of my blogs, you can either read the pages on each of the blogs if you’re interested in additional scraps of information, or reading the same stuff written a slightly different way, or you can skip the corresponding pages on my other blogs if the repetitiveness annoys you.

Sometimes I’ll write about the same thing in different blogs in two different ways. This is usually because I think it belongs on more than one blog, or because somewhat different crowds tend to read different blogs, and I want to keep my blogs up to date with my life. If I write about them in different ways, I’ve usually got a good reason for it, but sometimes it’s just because I usually blog from my phone and my app doesn’t making copying and pasting blog posts easy.

Other times though, I will literally cross-post blog posts as well as pages. Generally that’s also because the information belongs on more than one blog. But I don’t want to waste time and energy writing the same thing twice if I don’t have to and I don’t want to bore people who follow more than one blog with repetitive information. So when I do that, I’ll endeavor to mention that it’s a re-post and which other blogs I posted it on. That way, if you’re one of the people who follows more than one of my blogs, you can skip the repeats.


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