I’m Pagan. I’m a solitary, eclectic witch, though not Wiccan. I’m also a polytheist and an Animist.  I’m studying Druidry with ADF and AODA. As far as witchcraft goes, I mostly practice sea, shadow, lunar, and green witchcraft. My actual practice right now is barely existent, and I’m hoping to fix that.  Some other scraps of information about me are that I’m a writer, an out of practice musician, gothic, polyfidelitous, an animal lover,  and I live on the coast of New Jersey, which I dearly love.


Due to chronic illness, I may not be able to post or even comment frequently, but comments are more than welcome and appreciated, and I’ll do the best I can in replying.


Mostly this bog will be about witchcraft, Animism, Polytheism, and my general Paganism. I have other blogs, which have varying amounts of stuff on them than this one, and I’m hoping to write a lot more for most of my blogs. I’m hoping to get one running about just general life stuff too, and link to it here. Until then, I’ll create a page that links to my other blogs.

About Updates 7/1/15:


My practice still isn’t what I want it to be, but at least I’ve been making very slow progress towards it becoming more. My second update is that, until/if I get a “general life stuff” blog up and running, I seem to be defaulting mostly to this blog for writing about that type of stuff. That’s partially because I don’t have the other blog up yet and partially because I haven’t been doing that much with my Paganism. I hope both issues get resolved, but in the meantime, I’m okay with the overlap.


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