My Other Blogs

This is pretty much my “main” blog, at least right now, but I have others, with varying degrees of stuff on them. I used to have links to them on my “about” page, but it makes more sense to have links to them here, on a whole separate page specifically for that purpose. I hope it will also make them easier to find. I mentioned on my about page that I’m hoping to create a blog for general life stuff too, but I don’t have on yet. So here are links for the blogs I do have:


A blog about AODA Druidry, specifically chronicling  my Candidate year* in that order.:

I am also a member of ADF (another Druid order), and have a blog following my Dedicant year* in that group. You can find it here:

A blog about Gothic lifestyle, in particular, mine:

And a blog about chronic illness, especially Addison’s Disease,  and whatever else I get diagnosed with (at this point, hypoglycemia, hypo-tension, osteoporosis, and what looks like either Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, or RA):

*I believe I joined AODA in Autumn of 2012, though I don’t think I did my initiation ritual until 2013. And I don’t think I joined ADF until Autumn of 2013. So, even though the initial programs are designed to take a year each to complete, they are taking longer for me. That’s okay, even though it’s frustrating sometimes, because there isn’t a time limit on either of them and I know it takes many people more than a year. In fact, plenty of people don’t go above those levels at all, and there really isn’t a need to.


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