Other People I Write About

I write about other people in my life on my blogs sometimes. Generally, I can mention them by referring to them as whatever their relationship to me is (my mom, for example). Potential frequent appearances will most likely be my mom, my dad, my grandmother, and my stepfather. My friends or my family’s friends may make appearances as well. My uncle and my aunt may also crop up. I actually have five aunts (two on my dad’s side, one on my mom’s side, and one married to the aunt on my mom’s side) however, I usually only talk to the one more than once a year, if that. There’s nothing wrong with my other aunts, I’m just not close to them. There are some other relatives who are more distant too, but they probably won’t crop up much.

Some people I mention often enough, or in specific contexts, that I need to mention them by name. Since I want to respect their privacy and my own, I’ll use nicknames for them. Phire and SJ are good examples.

Phire — Sometimes spelled Phier, depending on how I feel. Pronounced “fire”. One of my two partners. He and I have been together for 13 years and counting, so far. We got together in 2002, I believe. In Autumn 2005 he moved in with me, and in 2006 we were married, though not legally. We still aren’t legally married, which we have good reasons for, but which I don’t want to get into — at least, not now. Phire is a year older than me. He’s a bona fide technophile, Pagan, chaos mage, gamer, animal lover, and  musician. He sings,  and play guitar. He also plays a little piano and trumpet. His Deities are mostly of wilderness, freedom, intoxication, or chaos. He loves dragons and computers. Phire is polyamorous.

SJ — pronounced how it sounds. Short for “Star Jelly” — think the creatures from the “Farpoint Station” episode of Star Trek: TNG or the Star Trek Titan book Orion’s Hounds. If Star Trek isn’t your bag, just think giant, sentient, jellyfish who live and travel in outer space. I realize all the references to Star Trek should include the copyright or trademark symbols, but I don’t know how to insert that yet.

SJ is eleven years older than me, and we’ve been together five or six years and counting. We got together in 2010, I think. SJ loves videogames too, though he’s more particular about them than Phire is. Also, while Phire prefers video games to tabletop RPGs, SJ is the reverse. SJ is very spiritual and is Pagan as well. His religion and spirituality is influenced by my paths, but is mostly based on his own, personal UPG (including his Deities). He’s also an animal lover and a musician. He sings and plays guitar, though he also plays bass, piano, and is passable with drums. While SJ and I haven’t been together that long yet, we both hug out at the same place many years ago and while we saw each other there, we didn’t get to know each other until years later. SJ is monogamous.

Phire and SJ have a LOT in common ( they’re even both fire sun signs) but they have a lot of differences too. Suffice it to say, I love them both dearly and because of that (and because we all live together) I’ll probably mention them both frequently.


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