It’s ocurred to me that I’ve posted several times about things I’m dissatisfied with — not journaling frequently, not celebrating all the Sabbats, etc. There’s really nothing wrong with that. It’ll happen from time to time. But I want to take a moment to celebrate all the things I am really, really pleased with — and there are many. I think it’s important for me to mention the good things too. 🙂

  • In the past two months, I’ve gotten a lot of knitting done. I’m most of the way finished a blanket that I started a year and a half ago. I’m almost at the end of the third, and last panel. Then I just have to stitch them together and do some touch-up work and it’ll be done!
  • I have AWESOME family and pretty good friends.  I’m especially extra grateful  for my Mom, my grandmother, my Dad, Phire, SJ, and our pets.
  • My Mom’s cat, who was very ill seems like she’s going to be okay.
  • My Grandmother bought me chocolate and hair clips. She collects her easy open medicine bottles and her spare food storage containers and gives them to us. She’s also bought me clothes recently.
  • My Dad drives us to run errands at least once a month most months and drives me to doctor’s appointments frequently. He bought us sunflowers, bottled water, and decaf coffee, and he bought me clothes recently.
  • My Mom is kind and willing to go to bat for me. She bought stuff for me to use in Florida (I didn’t go — long story) and is sending it hear.
  • Phire and SJ are incredibly sympathetic and kind, and they go above and beyond looking after me when I need it (which I sadly do sometimes these days).
  • Our pets are amazing, friendly, playful, cuddly, and caring.
  • I LOVE or beautiful house and property.
  • Phire and I planted the sunflowers my Dad gave us yesterday (with phone assistance from my Mom — the Master Gardener).
  • I tied back the Rose of Sharon that has been blocking the side of the house. I think it’ll need a more permanent solution (the stakes and twine are pretty weak), but it’s done!
  • Phire and I also trimmed the front hedges, at least somewhat.
  • Phire and his friends collected someones junked pickup truck bed cab. We’re going to repurpose it to give the feral cats someplace to shelter in the winter. He and I moved it across the backyard.
  • I applied to college in April. Sadly, I didn’t get in, so
  • I’m applying to a second college now! Phire helped me with getting stuff together for it.
  • SJ ran to the store today to get food for us and he cooks awesome meals for me.
  • I got my first shot of Prolia for osteoporosis treatment yesterday. While it was a really rough day, and I’ve had some minor side effects, so far, so good!
  • I’ve been reading good books lately, and a lot of them.
  • I updated, edited, and added to my blogs yesterday, making major headway in a huge overhaul of them.
  • CampNaNoWriMo July has begun! 🙂
  • I think I blogged more in the last 24 hours than I have in the last two months. 😉
  • I have SO MUCH more energy than I used to on most days, at least for now.
  • I’m also generally healthier than I’ve been since I got sick.
  • Last week, I washed all the dishes in the house. ALL of them. Trust me — that’s no mean feat. And I pulled it off!
  • Phire rearranged the living room and it looks better that way.
  • I’m largely more productive than I’ve been able to be for years.
  • I can exercise a little sometimes now.
  • And then there are the million and one other things I’m grateful for — love, food, a roof over my head, running water, electricity, air conditioning, drinking water, internet, cell phones, books, journals, as much of my health, mental acuity, emotional well-being, and mobility as I have, my Gods, Ancestors, the faeries, my guides, and for happiness, and beauty, and so many, many other things. 🙂

I’m sure there are other things I forgot to mention.



Oh, yesterday. Why did you do this to me? I got up late. Really late, though it’s been worse before. Admittedly, my getting up late is not yesterday’s fault, not mine.

Then Phire went to sleep.

By the time I finished eating, medicating, et cetera, it was past when I could probably get a hold of the gas company who I have to call. So I pushed it off until tomorrow. Again.

Due to a colossal FUBAR of various people being awake and asleep at different times and a lack of communication, we didn’t find out until evening that our poor dog hadn’t had a single walk all day. She did go out to go to the bathroom plenty, obviously, but no walks. I also did the bad thing and assumed she’d had walks — long ones too. Why did I assume this? Because uncharacteristically, our little tornado of a puppy was not only well behaved for most of the day, she also slept through most of it. So I figured she’d had plenty of exercise.

It turns out I was wrong. She probably slept all day because she wasn’t feeling well. She probably wasn’t feeling well because it turns out she ATE HER HARNESS. Okay, to be fair, she didn’t eat ALL of her harness, nor even most of it. Just most of the buckle that keeps it closed. Sigh.

We still have another harness for her. A “no-pull” harness. Yeah. Right. Though it works better for that than traditional harnesses. But we’d gotten a gentle leader for her, because until she walks better on the leash or until I gain back more muscle, that’s the only way I can safely walk her without risking her getting away from me. And it makes life easier on the guys too, though they don’t NEED to use it. Alas, it was the gentle leader that she ate the buckle to.

In the ensuing chaos of what happened the rest of the day, between evening and nine at night, she STILL didn’t get a walk, but then, as soon as that was realized, Phire took her on a walk and later SJ took her for one right before she went to bed.

Oh, still speaking of the puppy, she got her dinner half and hour late tonight and wound up in her crate for an hour instead of half an hour. She also got crated for the night late because of that. And I feel bad because while we don’t usually crate her except for food and sleep, and she isn’t usually crated for long, today she was in there for an hour for her second meal too while I was taking a bath, and yesterday for over an hour while Phire was asleep and SJ was at the store.

So, ANYWAY, two people came over twice, and one of them came over a third time. I didn’t want to be rude, but I don’t often do well around multiple people, especially people who I don’t know well, and I’d never met one of those people before. The other I know, but not well, despite that he is sometimes over frequently. He’s a little hard for me to deal with at the best of times. He’s loud, and a perpetual stoner, who sometimes does other drugs too. His speech is really disjointed, and he’s pretty narcissistic. He’s sometimes cruel people, though not us, and he’s self-absorbed. I’m not trying to smear the guy, he does plenty of nice things, he’s good with animals, he’s had a hard life, and I think that somewhere in there, he has a good heart. But he’s just really hard for me to be around.

In the middle of all this, it’s the second day of CamNaNoWriMo, and I’m trying to write. Plus, there were three contests I wanted to participate in (only one of which I succeeded at), and I had to call my grandmother to update her about the utilities fiasco and thank her for a card she made me with twenty dollars in it.

So, after a few minutes, the first two times those people came over, I went upstairs. When they left, I came back down, only to find out that they were coming back. Phire got back up right after they showed the first time. The third time, when it was just the one person, the one I know, I hadn’t gone upstairs again yet. And then our friend showed up too. In a fit of pique, I had already threatened to rage quit earlier if he turned up, not really thinking he would. By this point, I STILL hadn’t worked on my novel. I had less than two hours left in the day to write and I was up past my bedtime. Again.

Then, of all things, they set up a game of Magic: the Gathering in our living room, with a foldable card table. Which made the living room an obstacle course. Getting in and out of it is already difficult with the baby gate for the puppy.

I texted my friend, who is also my ex, which is way longer story, to see if he could talk. He called and I told him about my day and caught up with what’s been going on with him.

Partway through that I saw that the cat litter was in dire straits and did what I could of that and asked the guys to do what I couldn’t manage. Then I went upstairs again. After I got off the phone with him, it was almost two in the morning, and I finally got to work on my novel.

Other difficult stuff happened today, but that’s the worst of it.

Really good stuff happened today, too, though.

I had a really nice bath. I got a beautiful, handmade card and twenty dollars from my grandmother. My ex, who I’ll have to come up with a nickname for because he’s still a big part of our lives, ordered another gentle leader for us. I DID write in my journal today, not a long entry, but two pages, compared to yesterday’s paragraph. I had sex with Phire and probably will with SJ before the night is over. My Mom renewed my subscription to The Writer Magazine as a gift to me. Phire is willing to transfer stuff off my phone to clear storage space. And I did get some work done for CamNaNoWriMo. I only wrote 198 words, less than my quota, but I still DID write, and I still have a little bit of a buffer left over from yesterday.

Now, I need to go spend time with SJ, and then I desperately need sleep.