More Contests!

My very first post on this blog was publicizing a contest I was participating in with the prize being an Amazon gift card. It was run by fantasy writer and Pagan nonfiction writer Deborah Blake and the website Bitten By Books ( I was initially only going to publiszize the one contest, but I changed my mind. For one thing posting the embed code on your website gives you more chances to win a gift card. I’ll be happy for whoever wins, but I’m also hoping towin one of the contests, as there are several books I could really use, particularly ones that I think will help me figure out how to continue expressing my Paganism while dealing with a chronic illness, but also books on Druidry, and required reading books for AODA and ADF. If that was all, I probably wouldn’t do it. But the more I see of Bitten By Books, the more I like them. The same goes for the authors of the books the contests are promoting. So I’m going to do another blog post with the embed codes for the other contests. Because the embed code seemed to be broken on my last post like this, I’m also going to include links to the various contests. Go and check them out!


I’m reading the Kindle version of the book by the second authors right now. I haven’t gotten in very far, but I already love it and the subject intriques me. I ordered a copy of the Deborah Blake book that I linked to the other day, which I’m eagerly awaiting the arrival of. I look forward to reading as many of the books by the other authors as I can.


Here are the embed codes: