CampNaNoWriMo and Journals

This is what eight years of journals looks like^^

Bear with me if that image doesn’t show, and I’ll try to fix it later. I’m writing this blog post from my phone.

I feel like I’m being a boring blogger. Not only is this supposed to be my general Pagan blog — and I haven’t been writing much about Paagan stuff, but I’m also hardly writing about anything besides CampNaNoWriMo and journaling.

Still, that’s because I’ve hardly been DOING anything else except writing — NaNoWriMo, journal entries, and blog posts. I should be happy, though. And I am happy, because I’m getting those things done.

I did do a little bit with Pagan stuff in March, starting my Ancestor journal and celebrating Ostara AODA style.

Yesterday, I only wrote four hundred and eleven words. Actually, when I stopped for the day, I was literally one one short of my word count goal for the day. That was uber-aggravating. So, I opened my word processor back up and wrote another paragraph or two.

So, I did make my word count goal yesterday, but not by much.

So far, my Easter weekend marathon is about 50/50 — great the first day, not great but acceptable the second. We’ll see what today holds. I haven’t started writing for it yet today because Phire’s computer is broken, so we’re sharing mine until we can afford to get him a new one, which may be some time down the road, but hopefully not. And he’s on it right now.

Yesterday, I DID write seven pages and some change in my journal, finishing that notebook in the process. I am noticing a pattern: the days that I didn’t write in my journal, or didn’t write much in it are the days I got the most written for CampNaNoWriMo and vice versa.

My last journal lasted seven months and I started a new one today.

I’m going to try to get as much written today as possible, because tomorrow, I have to actually go be an adult — call the utilities company, figure out our budget for the month, and pay the bills. Maybe I’ll do some dishes too, but that might be reaching a little high, especially because I’m still hoping to write tomorrow, too. Maybe I can delegate the dishes to Phire or SJ.

I still have three days of buffer, but next Saturday is one of the days that I doubt I’ll be able to right, as my Dad and Grandmother are coming down to take us to run errands, which I deeply appreciate. They usually do that about once a month and it makes our lives a lot easier, since we don’t have a car. And it’s good to get to see them. But we normally go to anywhere from three to seven places on those days, so it takes several hours or all day, and it’s exhausting. Sunday is another day that I’m not sure I’ll be able to write, because these days I usually need at least one day and sometimes more to recover from big errand days.

So I’m going to try to build up additional days of buffer today.

I’ve been reading far less than I normally do in April. But that’s to be expected. I should be careful because I get cranky if I go for too long without reading. But I also get cranky if I go too long without writing.

What I’ve been reading the most of is back issues of The Writer magazine. I have about six months of issues that I hadn’t read. At the time it was an annoyance that I didn’t have the time to read them. But it was only a mild annoyance, because the reason I didn’t have time to read them was because we had just gotten our puppy. We were adjusting to having her in our household and she needed almost constant supervision. Now, that she’s older and better behaved (though she still needs a lot of supervision) I actually have time to read them. And the timing is perfect, because it’s really helping me to concentrate on CampNaNoWriMo and creativity.

If I already wrote some of this stuff, I apologize. Brain fog being a thing, I don’t always remember what I wrote before and I don’t really have the time or energy at the moment to double check.

Phire just handed of the computer to me, so I’m off to go write some more. Wish me luck!


Writing Stuff

I have a draft in progress and another blog post I want to write, both of which deal with more overtly Pagan topics. This one is more about writing.

The April CampNaNoWriMo for 2015 is starting in a few days. I’m going to attempt it again. I’ve tried it several times, and I’ve gotten things written, but I’ve never completed a book length manuscript or a novel during it — nor have I ever met my word count quota. I signed up for it today. I’m going to be working on the main work in progress of three novels I have going right now, and the one I have the most written for right now, I think. My word count goal is ten thousand words, which won’t complete the novel, but I want to shoot for a goal I might reach. That means writing 333.3 words per day, which I think I might be able to manage.

I’m nearing the end of my current “daily” journal. The last one lasted four months, I think, and this one has covered six months so far, and may stretch to seven before I run out of pages. I was writing very irregularly there for several months. I’ve gotten better again this March, but it’s still not every day. I’ll have to restock my supply of Black ‘n’ Red notebooks soon, as I’m on my second to last one.

I want to get a few more other notebooks soon too, and I want to get a copy of The Artist’s Way, by Julia Cameron, I believe.

Most of the notebooks and the book may have to wait, unless I win more gift cards soon, especially because there are also other Pagan books I want to get soon and a magazine I have to renew my subscription too. We are WAY behind on bills, due to a variety of circumstances:

1. All four of the cats needed to go to the vet one month.
2. The dog has needed to go to the vet almost every month for the last several months.
3. We got slammed by third party energy providers.
4. The gas and electric companies estimated our bills for a few months instead of doing readings.

We are in the process of fixing the hemorrhages now, but it’s going to take a while and we’re on a very small, fixed income.

I’ve heard that The Artist’s Way is very good. It takes three months to do the plan in it.

The best three months for me, personally to do it would either be:
1. November, December, and January
2. December, January, and February
3. Or January, February, and March

I go out less in Winter than the rest of the year, and even less now since the chronic illness and since we moved. Our old home town was and island and if you lived in the north or middle of it, you could walk to pretty much anywhere you needed to go on the island. Here, though, there’s a lot less within walking distance, and while we live in a safe part of town, it’s a shady city, especially after dark. I also can’t walk as far as I used to, and my body deals worse with extreme temperatures than it used to. The winters lately have been even colder than normal. Being a resort area in New Jersey, the region comes to life in summer, and if you don’t get out then, there’s not much to do the rest of the year. So winter seems like a good idea.

I’m leaning away from the first one because NaNoWriMo is in Novemeber and I don’t want to do both at the same time. The first two also seem kind of bad because I don’t want to attempt it during the secular and Christian holiday crazies. The nice thing about the first one is that it only has one Sabbat in it, whereas the other two groups of months have two. A further hitch is that most of the people I know have birthdays between January and April. But no one has a birthday in February. So, I’m leaning towards on of the last two, probably the later, because even with more Sabbats and birthdays, it’s better than attempting to do it during the holiday season. I also like the thought of starting it with a New Year. And it’ll lead right into the April CampNaNoWriMo, which will hopefully put me in a more creative and productive frame of mind for next years CampNaNoWriMo.

Last month, my grandmother paid for a subrcription to Poets & Writers for me. I still haven’t gotten the first issue yet, but I’m really looking forward to it. My mother also normally pays for a Subscription to The Writer for me as present, which I’m immensely grateful for. Most years she also gets me The Writer’s Market, and a few associated books. This year she might not, but I’m still very appreciative and hopefully most of the stuff from last years editions will still be current.

This month’s edition of The Writer has contests listed and I went through and circled the free ones, as well as a couple other that I want to enter. I’m hopeful of marking them down on my calendar soon.

I looked up work in progress meters and am hoping to add one to at least one of my blogs, probably this one.

There’s another big writing thing I want to blog about, but since it’s different and combines writing and Paganism in a more obvious way, I’m saving that for it’s own post.